čtvrtek 25. prosince 2014

Ranger Quests

For a year now, I have a ranger companion, a Dunadan boy who from time to time travels with me to the wilderness or patrols the Breeland. I try to teach him stealth, archery and track - lore and also the love of smoke on the food you eat, moss on  huge boulders,dramatic landscape and free air. We cook and eat and play and walk and sleep in shrubs and woods. I am very thankfull for this little warrior and i hope we will travel many more miles

ranger holding a tinder box after succesful winter firemaking
The road goes ever on...

walking staff for me and spear for him

tired feet after a long walk

morning joy after safe night under the stars
from our first quest

with our new companion Ylva

Eating is a essential part

rare picture of myself taken by little ranger

moss, fire and good sausage in autumn forest

last patrol in a Breeland and Old forest

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  1. Very inspiring! I hope to be doing adventures like this with my soon in the next couple of years, he's 3 right now.