středa 12. prosince 2012

Fiddle in Trewhiddle

As i wrote before, i really love to work within the boundaries of old art styles, mainly those of our germanic ancestors, i must  alsoadmit that i find a strange pleasure to explore those styles which are a bit less popular then notorious Jelling and Urnes style. There was already a post about the Salin I and II styles, this time i would like to write a little more about my work in Trewhiddle style.
The style is named by a hoard of silver objects found in Cornwall and its a native style of Britain of 9th century. The main body of works in this style is engraved silver with lines filed with niello. I believe that after the previous styles, displaying bold lines in glittering gold, it had to have a intricate and delicate impact on the wiever. The efect is in fact almost tender.

The technique the artist used in antiqity to lay out the design is somewhat you dont see often on todays inspired works. Todays artist and craftsmen just copy a motive and use it on a surface where they think it might fit. Its indeed possible in most styles, but its not easy in any of them. Trewhiddle as many other styles used panneling of the surface of the object, in my opinion to avoid the problem with tying the design over the endless surfaces of cylindrical objects or large spaces of round brooches. In those pannels wee animals were squeezed, legs and wings foldes around fragile bodies.

Here is an example of the seax pommel in the style i made some weeks ago

and this one is small handseax with treqwhiddleish beasts

 these two pictures show my work in trehiddle style in organic materials, the form of the beasts is not the same but they surely are a same family of beasts.

exploring these old styles gives you a wonderfull insight to a mental world and working habits of ancient craftsmen.
Thanks for your patience and if you have urge please comment or ask.

čtvrtek 6. prosince 2012

Handmade world

Hello! Long time no post, but not because i had not anything to say! On the contrary, i have several ideas in my mind, so probably there will be a more frequent posting. This post will be unusual a bit, because it features not only my work, but also work of other amazing art and craft folk.
In past few years i develepod desire to fill my daily life with handmade object, instead of machine made ones. It came from the deep love of items made by actual people. To be able to observe the print of their personalities in the object. Its the way how i can communicate with other creative beings, even when i am alone. I want to introduce you to my daily companions and their makers.

First picture shows a pocket knife i made for myself from end of the seax billet and pieces of scrap, but in the front you can see my most recent addittion - corkscrew by my friend and amazing maker Jeff Helmes. The handle is also a case where you can screw the screw in :-)

Here is my cutlery i use whenever i can. A soup bowl and coffee mug made by Mr. Sršeň here in Czech republic. What i love about those, is the fact that these splashes of black are in fact pieces of iron melted into the surface. Also there is a salt shaker i made some weeks ago and  foldable tablespoon mady by my friend Hloh. The teaspoon is made partialy by me and by Hloh again. Its a socket construction

These days its good to stay warm, so i have these fingerless gloves and wollen cap, made by my lovely wife in naalbiding technique. The blues scarf is present from Mrs. Longmire, a wife of my great Tennessee smith friend.

You can realize the quality of handmade object in every step, quite literaly in these boots made by my friend from six years old Benjamin Hrubeš. The toggle is mady from horse hoof, which i found lovely appropriate. Shoes are pictured together with a belt he also made for me, featuring the antler carved bucke i made for the project.

 Last but not least, here is a sketchbook, handbound and painted by my amazing artist friend Hela Rosova. I hope that spirit of her work will help me drawing the ideas for new work.

These were just some of my daily companions, everyday using of objects made by hands of individual person, with the love and understanding of the craft has unspoken warmth, which can be hardly provided by stuff stamped in one of Sarumans machines.

Hand make your world!
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