pátek 1. listopadu 2013

Saxes in Salin style II

This summer and early autumn i was working on a series of blades from Vendel period scandinavia. It was great opportunity to learn to work in one specific tradition and also explore variations in blades and techniques. This period of history shows both stunning artistic coherrence and technical variability. Lets see the pieces!

The firts one is Vendel period short sax, blade is forgewelded of carbon steel and wrought iron. The body of the blade is inscribed with two grooves filled with stamped circlets. There is also inlayed rondel in silver. The handle is old ash with inset antler decorative strips. Fittings are fabricated brass. Sax sits in the scabbard made of wood, covered in leather and mounted with brass. Two decorative panels are made using pressblech technique

This one is much bigger and beefier, the blade is forgewelded of wrought and bloomery steel for the edge. One side of the blade is scraped with three grooves, each terminating with silver rondel. Hilt is one piece of reindeer antler deeply carved in chip carving technique with interlaced serpents. The fittings are silver and pommel is embelished with garnet set in the bezel. Scabbard is wooden core covered with tooled leather. silver clamps and antler buckles

the longest one is my reconstruction of possible look of Sax found in Torgard, Norway. The blade is forgewelded of wrought spine and 250 layers of laminated steel for the edge. There is long silver inlay of toothed lines meeting near the tip and terminating with rondel. The hilt is very unusual, almost swordlike with cast animal heads and organic guards sandwiched between metal plates. Wood is briar and is profiled to have excellent grip. Scabbard is swordlike, with bone slider and covered in tooled leather. 
Last one is the shortest but very sturdy. The blade is wrought iron and bloomery, stamped with patterns formed from circlets. Barrel like grip is old ash burl, deeply carved. the carving is red tinted. Fittings are brass, stapmed with linear and circular stamps. Sheath is heavy leather with brass joints. Surface is incised and tooled
This style is becoming to be mine most favorite and i am looking forward to next works in it

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  1. Incredible work my friend! You always impress and inspire!

  2. Don´t get bored, for I can´t but be with hillbillynick. One day I will be able to this, too. You inspire me, and even if I am in a rut a bit to date, it´s pictures like these that light the fire again and drive me back to bench and forge! Thanks for that!