pátek 19. prosince 2014

Forth... Beorningas?

Here is a short account of the work that draws from one specific fictional culture from Middle Earth. The followers of Beorn, people of the Anduin vales, kin to Woodmen and Bardings and enemies of Shadow. From what i know about Tolkiens cosmology, these people represent ancestors to ancient Europeans in a sense that Middle Earth is fictional mythology.
I love Beorn character in a book and i like his ability to change into a wild beast, to me its very reminiscent of Tiermensch idea of old germanic art. I wanted beorning culture to visualy resemble old germanic art, but without actual citation. Here are examples and you may judge how i succeeded.

 my latest work,a small nekcknife with anler handle with silver and garnets and ornate sheath

Beorns knife with statuette of bear on the top of the handle and scabbard without utilising a leather

 Antler beorning ring, a mark of Old mans follower?

 Beorning war knife with lot of Anduin, bear and bees symbolism

 Beornings belt, buckle is antler, strap end is brass silver and garnet

and here is my drawing of the man himself as Bilbo met him, still solitary and not a leader of folk

Finaly, Myles Mulkeys magical poem he wrote for me
"Where once a bear
had made his home,
a man now lives there,
all alone.
Mead he drinks
and honey eats,
and runs faster
than any beast.
But now and then,
some men have said,
the bear returns
to his old bed.
And sleeping there
beside the fire,
his hunger grows,
his growling dire.
And forest-men,
when passing there,
are terrified
of that old bear.
With unstrung bows
and heads hung low,
they softly walk
through the meadow.
They do not dare
to hunt with hounds,
and are careful
to make no sounds.
And when they see
the fearsome bear,
they know they are
alone out there.
For never when
the beast does roam,
can the bee-man
be found at home."
Let me know your ideas and thoughts and thank you for your attention

2 komentáře:

  1. Wow, beautiful work! I really like the mythopoetic symbolism in your work, with the bone carved with scroll work. I enjoy reading every one of your posts, and can't wait to see more!

  2. I really like the Beorn character aswell. The style of the bear on your designs is wonderfull, it has a mistical touch.

    And the song is great!