úterý 9. dubna 2013

Head opener

Or Haufuthupnari  in Old Norse is my newest creation. A single edged sword with H type pommel ornamented in Borre style. I dont want to write here about how and from which materials i created the sword, i would more like to write about the spirit of the piece.
Sword is  powerful statement. Its of course a weapon, tool of grim trade but its also a symbol, a beginning of a story or a hero of one. With this one, i wanted to make a true companion, something trustworthy, what is not embelished or ornamented because you want to show of, but as a representation of the relationship of the warrior and his sword. Is it something he was given by his lord as reward? Did he win it in a fight? did it passed from father to son? This is where i aimed, not the stark military sword for interchangeable soldier, not a high class weapon of Jarl made to order after the latest fashion. Somewhere in between, where you fight but still come home and plough your land and brew your beer.

The name represents not only the obvious physiological meaning but also a learning experience for me.

Myles came up gain with great story  in this poem

3 komentáře:

  1. Very good poem, fits the sword well.

  2. You cannot know how much that touches me, especially the connection between forging and poetry. Thanks!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous... Wow!