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Artifact from the present - Arctic fire 2013

furnace pic by Jake Powning
I had the most inspiring opportunity to attend the invitational hammerin in Alaska, hosted by Dave Stephens, Shane Harvey and Van Clifton. This years goal was to create an artifact as a collaboration of seven smith from around the globe. The quality of company was humbling and overwhelming - Owen Bush (UK), Jake Powning (Ca), Peter Johnsson (Sweden), J. A. Loose, Michael Pikula, and Dave Stephens (USA) and me.
Long time before the planes took us to Anchorage we decided on design and process. I was wondering how this cat herding experience will go, but everything went smooth in that aspect. I think its because the great respect we feel towards each other as maker and personality.

When we arrived we built the smelter from sand, clay, manure and hay and started a smelt. Owen was responsible for smelting material for our blade and it was great learning experience to watch him work. Calm, proffessional and pleasant approach. Also, big succes of bloom, steel, very compact and nice to forge.

furnace pic by Jake Powning
Then the blade team consisting of Owen, Dave and Michael processed the bloom and forged a blade and also one backup blade from modern materials. The was one set back that made us to forge in wee hours but you will see that that bloom blade survived and shines in glory.

Meanwhile, hilt team (me and Jake) started to work on handle components and also on fittings for scabbard. Jake carved the waxes for guards, ferrules and peen block, i carved the antler parts. Bellow you can see the scabbard slider i carved with almandines and moonstone set in silver bezels by Yul.

Unfortunately casting went bit south, but fortunately, the parts that survived were just enough to go with one of previous design options. We agreed later that it might even been beneficial for the outcome. So i had to carve another two bits, central ring bead for grip and vesica shaped pommel. Yul set stones in both of these pieces.
In this time, Peter Johnsson, who was also supervising all project had his venier scabbard glued, shaped, lined with felt and covered with leather. The assembly part was about to be done.
Here you can see blade mounted with hilt and slider for scabbard.

And we did it! Pictures of finished piece can barely show you the immense energy in this huge dagger, but you can feel part of it.

the best thing - it can be yours! All you have to do is solve the riddle
Whats the name of the blade and Where in the world its hidden?

for more information about the rules, chect project website

I have to say i learned a lot from all artisans who were there. Even if it may not look so between all laughter and pranks, i had a very spiritual experience. I am sure my work will be better now. I am happy that i had opportunity to contribute with my skill and aesthetics in something that is much more than sum of all parts

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  1. That's one hell of a work. Thanks and respect to all of you!