úterý 4. června 2013

Into the wilderness

Long overdue, here is the post about work i did for great customer of mine. While i deeply enjoy my historical based work, i must say that being allowed to express myself in free form of illustrative bladesmithing is great joy. We often strive to make legendary blades from myth and stories,  but i find everyday items very attractive.

So here is Rangers set, packed to the way to unknown

and Myles wrote excelent poem for me again:

Into the wilderness

 Few nights have found me
by the fire in a hall,
a cup in my hand
and kinsmen nearby.
Far have I fared
through forests unknown
where sleep comes uneasy
as I stare in the dark.
Will I wake to the bite
of some beast in the night?
Or the calling of crows
on the cool morning air,
and dawn's bright glow
driving my fear?
I must trust my fate
to my fire and cover,
and when I wake
I will wander again
into the unknown,
into the wilderness.

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