neděle 21. října 2012

Arifjoðr - Eagle feather

Here is the other one from those two i wrote about. Much more complex piece and i believe one of my better works. It represents my idea of war knife of mighty warlord from 6th century Sweden. The owner would surely belong to a  local aristocracy, because the knife is pretty richly ornamented, and because it bears motives in Salin II animal style, which is believed to be a style of ruling class.

I also went for slightly aged look to emphasize germanic fascination with old and proven. The weapon, same as friend is best tested by the tooth of time and storm of the battle.
Its very interesting that while the blades are pretty plain in this time on seaxes, the sheaths are often more laborous then the weapon itself. so i tried to go for this look too.
In next few days the Eagle feather will travel to its new homestead, leaving me a bit sad for its leaving but rich for the experience earned in working on this and the shalow but valuable insight in the world of germanic aristocracy of Vendel period sweden

Of course, Myles did great job on poem on this one, so by reading it (do it aloud, its the way these are meant to be read) it will stay with me till the end of my time.

Shivering birches
shook in the wind
while raiders ran
to wreck their target.
They burned the gate
and gained their entry,
but waiting for them
was a wall of shields,
and in the middle stood
a mighty hersi.
He held his war-knife
high and aloft,
its grip alive
with livid monsters,
its eager edge
aiming forwards.
“I am an eagle
with this icy feather.
Through this battle
it will bear me swiftly
to catch you fish
and carry you off.
In coming here,
you have caused your doom.”
The fighting was fierce
but the foes were beaten,
and songs were sung
in celebration
under graven gables,
glad to be whole.

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  1. Nice piece, blades and words twist and forge together really well.