úterý 2. října 2012

Swordsmith and Wordsmith

Earlier this year, in summer, i was working on the stag hunting spear for a customer, my friend Myles Mulkey feeled inspired and wrote an awesome poem about it. It struck a long tuned string in me, so i asked Myles if he want to collaborate in a project, once again tieing spiritual and material culture of long gone ancestors.
We made the deal, that when i will tink that some of my pieces is somehow worthy of getting poem about it, Myles would compose this poem.

Here are pictures of 3 of our first 4 endeavours. Enjoy!

This is the above mentioned spear with Patternwelded blade and bronze socket

This one is tied to the line of knives i make, all with the wildboar motive. Their name is Hildiswin

And finaly, the big patternwelded knife i made, Emblar brodir

Myles has also blog - you can see it here: By the Red Embers

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