pátek 26. října 2012

Forth Eorlingas! I

The idea came to me while polishing a handle of a knife for another project, as this operation usualy consumes a tiny bit of brain capacity, i am allowing my imagination to go free.
I was tempted for a long time to make another Tolkien inspired piece, most likely Rohan. I also like to make spears, and finaly i am tempted to make a dragonslaying weapon. It melted to an idea to create the grave goods of Rohan hero Fram, son of Frumgar, who slayed the great dragon Scatha.
Here is the first picture od what grave furniture might look like
 i want to make few more fibulas, a blowing horn and maybe a cremation urn. These goods are supposed to be kept in Meduseld treasury.
This will be a long term project which might even fail during the journey, because i will try to scrap some time to work on this, unless some of you, gentle reades, wants to commission this and be a proud owner of genuine artwork, dedicated to a forgoten hero
I already started with a small item, a tunic fastening brass brooch. As you can see, i am about to invent (or as Tolkien would say re-invent) the style which will fit Rohan way of life. I will faithfuly base this on anglosaxon material culture, because i think it fits and i think mister Tolkien would approve.

the fibula is about 40 milimeters long

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