pondělí 8. října 2012

Meadhall guardians

Just as i wrote in previous blog, i am in the middle of the work on two pieces from 6th century.
First one is Swedish styled seax, with 35 cm long blade, welded from ancient stringy iron and steel edge. I am just making the hilt for this one - quite complex work with sheet brass fittings and wooden carved handle in Salin II style
 the style of the fittings and actually overall style of the seax is hugely inspired by a seax from Bjars in Sweden.

There is a lot of work ahead on this one, making upper bolster and pommel, and carving the handle. But for those seaxes, sheaths were often much more ornamented the entire seax.

Second piece is very interesting saxon spear, also from 6th century. It has two unusual features - the split socket which will be terminating in bronze Salin I style ring with Tiermensch motive, and the blade which is very strangely corrugated, it has depression on left side on both faces of the blade. The cross section is therefore of the S rune shape.
The spear is forged from very same piece of wrought iron i used for the spine of previous seax. It was very usual not to have any steel in spear heads in this period

I hope i can make Myles to write poems to one or both of them :-)

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