úterý 2. října 2012

Digging deeper

My most prominent inspiration is and alway was the viking age Scandinavia, and i fell in love with late viking art styles (especially Mammen and Ringerike) but after an awesome collaboration with my friend Jeff Helmes on spear from Vendel,

i found myslef digging deeper in time for splendid material of Migration Period and Vendel time.
Most of my current works are in Sallin type II style. Very elegant flowy but also very dense and sometimes crowded.

The distribution of those items embelished in this style - across all the Europe is stunning. It was in fact the style of Germanic ruling elite.
Now i am working on the sax in this style, strongly inspired by a find in Bjars in Sweden. The blade is welded from ancient iron and the hilt and scabbard will be highly ornamented in Salin II style

This is obviously scandinavian example, but because i find autumn to be very anglosaxon in the sense of mood, and because i am just reading excelent book by Stephen Pollington Wayland´s work, i hope i will manage to create anglo saxon 6th century spear with bronze ring in Salin I style very soon! So i dig even deeper...

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